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Based on unique visitor send system. Is's optimised for search engines. Unlimited number of category and links can be added. It's customisable script. Save you time and works perfect!

Price: 150 YTL
Dear Customers,
xkare picture php rating system new version 2.01 update available.
A couple of small bugs in the user control panel and includes powerful features administrative area.
Please contact us for download patch/new files.
Price: 120$

xkare confession system available.

Price: 200$
xkare mp3portal system available.

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Our Free Php Scripts:

Gitme referer 1.0.1
with this php script you can see where your visitors come from which url or domain at a define time.This php script uses Mysql database it's also fast and very usefull.
With a single adjustment you can ignore any domains as you desire you can make the counter more complicated it wont count any visitors that come from ignored domain or url..
Demo :.Download:.

Gitme Anti flood 1.0
This anti flood code will add a piece of graphical-text on the registration form and  user will have to copy into a text field the process can not be done if the code is wrong and it produce new security code when come back

Demo :.Download:.

Gitme Random Flash ads with Javascript
This simple JavaScript will print out a random flash banner ad each time your page is viewed. if you want to display your flash banner ads on your site randomly, this is the code to use.

Demo :.Download:.

Gitme url2subdomain
The script help us to serve content in url instead of serving the content in subdomain
(example; www.domain.com/file.html/ -> file.domain.com ).
You should have wildcarded DNS configuration to use the script.
Please also search more info on when you should subdomains.
Otherwise, Google or others Search engines may penalize your pages.

Demo : Download

what is wildcarded DNS ?
A "normal" DNS entry looks like this: "www.yourdomain.com. IN A"
A wildcarded DNS entry looks like this: "*.yourdomain.com. IN A"
This is possible no matter if you are on a shared IP or not.

If you are using an Apache webserver, it's most likely required to add a "ServerAlias" to the apache config-file. This has to look like this: "ServerAlias *.yourdomain.com"

Most hosting companies set these wildcards if you ask them to do so. But you should better ask your host before you buy the script if they are going to make the required changes.

By the way: in most cases you can test if your domain is already wildcarded by going to www.TEST.yourdomain.com
If you don't get a standard "server not found" message of your browser it's most likely already wildcarded